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RANVOO 2024 [No.1 Coolest & Most Portable] AICE LITE AI Neck Air Conditioner, Ultimate Immersive Cooling 6,000 mAh Rechargeable Neck Fan Personal Cooling Device Gift that Blow Cold Air- Frosty White

RANVOO 2024 [No.1 Coolest & Most Portable] AICE LITE AI Neck Air Conditioner, Ultimate Immersive Cooling 6,000 mAh Rechargeable Neck Fan Personal Cooling Device Gift that Blow Cold Air- Frosty White

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Color: Frosty White


  • [Outdoor Essential for Cooling in Over 40°C]: The AICE LITE neck air conditioner utilizes patented ICEMAX cooling technology to efficiently dissipate heat and cool down hot summer days outdoors. Its exclusive superconducting aluminum cooling efficiency is 2.6 times higher than conventional aluminum, rapidly cooling the surrounding environment. With multiple heat dissipation vents, it can effectively maintain efficiency even in outdoor heat, delivering a consistent flow of frosty, refreshing air beyond what the market offers.
  • [No.1 Largest & Coolest Frozen Icyland Chilling You in Speed]: AICE LITE sets the standard for powerful cooling! With the largest cooling area on the market at 15,020mm³, this neck fan air conditioner effectively covers key heat zones and blood vessel pathways on your neck, swiftly delivering refreshing cool air throughout your body, banishing any stickiness. German custom-made semiconductors efficiently produce frost instantly. Join us in experiencing a revitalizing sensation this summer!
  • [From Head to Toe, Chill Rushes in]: Our exclusive ice triangle circulation system tackles the challenge of conventional neck A/Cs struggling in high outdoor temperatures, enveloping your entire body in coolness! With a powerful cooling cluster and four vents dispersing cold air above and below, it swiftly transforms the surrounding breeze into a refreshing chill. Whether you're in London or Manchester, the AICE LITE neck cooler ensures your entire body stays comfortably cool on hot and humid days!
  • [Continuous Coolness: Powerful Battery, Swift Charge]: Leave battery concerns behind and stay immersed in cooling all day long! The super large 6000 mAh battery is maximized by the AI battery system, ensuring an impressive battery life of 3-30 hours. With 15W fast charging, you can recharge 80% in just 2 hours, meaning a lunch break is all it takes to fully power your neck cooler again. And, it also supports pass-through charging, so pair it with a power bank and enjoy chilling all day from sunup to sundown and beyond.
  • [Personal Temperature Expert]: Personalized temperature management creates a customized comfort experience, enhanced with AI mode that actively detects temperature changes and adjusts temperature and wind speed for optimal comfort. The RANVOO app offers four modes - Fan, Cooling, Heating, and AI mode - each adjustable between 16°C and 51°C, with additional options such as Silent mode, Low Power mode, Hot Pack mode, and Cooling First mode, providing you with a comprehensive range of settings for comfort needs.
  • [Ultimate Comfort with Ergonomic Design]: Experience unparalleled lightweight comfort with AICE LITE's innovative internal design. Its ergonomic construction evenly distributes weight, ensuring you hardly notice it while enjoying all-day cooling relief. With silent mode and hair-pinch-proof features, AICE LITE takes comfort to new heights, keeping you focused during meditation or meetings without hair or beard interference.
  • [RANVOO Care & Perfect Summer Cooling Gift]: Enjoy peace of mind with our 365-day warranty and lifetime technical support with a 12-hour response time, available year-round. Our 2024 wearable air conditioner features the market's largest cooling area, emitting cold air upwards and downwards for all-around refreshment. Say goodbye to sticky discomfort and hot flashes, even in temperatures exceeding 37°C/100°F.

model number: AICE LITE/ FG8

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.0 x 3.0 inches

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